The Reiche Award
The purpose of this award are to (1) to grant recognition to an outstanding senior of Bristol Central, Bristol Eastern or St. Paul High School who is a resident of Bristol, (2) to assist the recipient to further his/her education or training, (3) to honor the memory of Mr. and Mrs. Reiche.
The award is to be made on the basis of two or more of the following:
  1. Outstanding qualities of leadership
  2. Dedication to personal goals
  3. Service to school, community, church, organizations, etc.
  4. Integrity
  5. Scholarship
  6. Life goal as related to its contribution to society 
The candidate will, therefore, exemplify all or most of the basic elements of the Rotary Four-Way-Test- truth, fairness, goodwill, and altruism.  Emphasis will be placed equally on present achievement and future goals.  Financial need will not be a primary consideration, but may be a determinant in making the award when there is more than one well-qualified candidate.  Sons, daughters, and wards of Rotarians are not eligible.
Nature and Amount of Award
The award is to be made annually, the amount to be determined each year by the Rotary Board of Directors.  The amount of the award will be paid to the recipient upon presentation to the club treasurer of evidence of active attendance at any post-secondary school, training institution or agency, approved by the appropriate accrediting agency, unless, in unusual circumstances, there is no accrediting body.  More than one award may be made in particular year in the Board's discretion.
Application forms shall be distributed to the three high schools during March.  They are to be returned by applicants to the designated person in each school by the first Monday in May and collected immediately thereafter by a member of the award committee.  Appropriate publicity before and during the application period and after the award shall be disseminated to the schools and through the news media.  Any qualified student who will be graduated from high school by June of the current year may make application.  Application forms will be accompanied by a roster of Bristol Rotary members, and it will be the responsibility of the applicant to seek out a Rotarian of his/her choice to become a sponsor.  Thus the award committee will feel assured that all applicants are acceptable to at least one member of the Club.  In this manner it is hoped that all Rotarians will become more personally involved.  During March of each year the chairman of the award committee shall review with the club members the purposes of and qualifications for this award, so that they will be prepared if they are called upon by a candidate to be a sponsor.
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