We gathered on this beautiful May day, we had a room full of Rotarians - A good showing
Lively conversation filled the side room at the Parkside Cafe. 
Olcott rang the bell at 8:05, followed by the pledge and then thoughts of the day with a theme of the benefits of being a Rotarian.  
Thank you for taking part in the annual Barnes Nature Center Spring Fair.  On behalf of BARC, Mary thanks you for the support!  A BIG thank you to Patti for all her work with planning, setting up + remembering every last detail heart New Britain Herald - Barnes Nature Center is opening for the season

Scholarship Celebration

10 Karl J. Swartz + 1 Reiche Award will be distributed
Family members and ALL Bristol Rotarians and a guest are invited to the Celebration.  
enlightenedPLEASE contact/respond back to Jim Albert regarding your attendance at the scholarship award dinner

Happy / Sad Bucks
Dave,  Happy $5 June 9th Men + Boys fund breakfast 
May be an image of 4 people, people standing and indoorLizzy graduated - emotions ran high for all, ..husband, signs, Flower, snack, son turns 25 this Thurs, leave Friday for Greece, hopefully, John Skipper will be the driver!  (remember to bring a postcard home)
George,  happy to be at Spring fair, felt good - stayed for 3hrs, also had a great time with OMs at Parkside Cafe
Claudette,  happy about the beautiful day, survived weekend
Doreen, Happy for United Way Day of Caring,  students from BC & Dbl tree, Credit Union
Whit, happy $10, happy for Phylis son getting married, Marylin's Pub great place for a wedding,  guilt buck... public apology to Dave, sad buck,  lost Luna husky  he was a great driving companion, enjoyed dinner at muzzy field, grateful for being here
Judi Ann, happy for Day of caring,  spruced up grounds, sad for the loss of Luna the husky,
Phylis, sorry could not make the Spring fair - a little busy on Saturday!  Diane, Transformed Marylin's - it was a formal wedding, they are flexible and do a great job for many different events, she closed the restaurant for the day 10- midnight
John C, happy for Phylis for gaining a daughter,  surprised buck for Whit pulled $ out of wallet. Busy week, Camp Courant fundraiser at Kingsman Brewery, also 2 golf tournaments..going on vacation next week (remember to bring home a postcard)
Claudette,  Lee did good on garden 
Ov, happy for the Spring fair at Barnes. On the 1st day of summer,
Jay Mia, daughter home from college, achieved a 3.7 GPA, consider attending the Boys + Girls Club Gala on June 11th at the Aqua Turf - non-profit price $125 - would love to have a Rotary Table 

Laura Congrats to Ella for her Scholar-Athlete award, team effort on spreading mulch last night - 126 bags!, Day of Caring was great, did not share this at the meeting - helpful ap to unroll from emails (please don't unroll from my emails - the Cog :)) = Unsubscribe from emails, instantly - Unroll.Me

Upcoming events/meetings
May 31, 2022 - 6:00 PM -  Salvation Army Entertainment - Art + Music - "star search" - flyer attached below
June 3, 3033 - United Way of West Central CT Gala https://www.uwwestcentralct.org/100
June 11, 2022 - Boys + Girls Club Gala - Aquaturf
June 12, 2022, Scholarship Celebration DoubleTree Hotel

End of June - Distribution of Mini-Grants - location + Date TBD

July 1, 2022 - Dues are Due
July 30, 2022 - District 7890 END POLIO night at Hartford Yard Goats - more info to come
September 2022 - Mini Golf Tournament - more details to come - looking to sponsor - contact Patti Philippon