Our guest speaker , Lori Theriault owner of Work It
* students experience a better understood of their strengths and gain a better understanding of their style of learning. 
*  understand if they gain energy from audience or not. 
* people don't want to be "just chasing $"  could wind up sick, loosing job or divorced. 
Lori has been doing the Work It program for 4 years and has helped children from  46 towns and cities  - many parents have sent their children to her
​​​​​​Brought Interact students with me – Walsh Summer Youth Program students
These students have been in the Walsh Summer Work Experience with the United way for 4-5 weeks. 
There are currently 30 students in the Walsh program.
Providing students the tools for workplace success!
Brisa – wants to be a gene therapist 
Richard – has strengths as an extrovert – wants to be a meteorologist
Sidney – wants to be a data scientist
Yatzil – Hates public speaking but wants to be a surgeon working at Bristol Hospital this summer
All students leave with 7 action steps  including what they want to be remembered for  ...could be something like...community service or supporting a family