Get to Know your fellow Rotarian, featuring Mark MacGregor, Aroma Joes
Today is 1 year anniversary of the opening of the Bristol Aroma Joes Store!  
How did Mark get involved in Aroma Joes Franchise?
Grew up in Rochester NH, home of the first Aroma Joes.  
Aroma Joe’s - Coffee & Tea - 190 Milton Rd, Rochester, NH - Phone ...
The store opened while Mark was in high school, and gained popularity with friends.  Was never a big coffee drinker, or energy drinker.   That all changed when he visited the store and fell in love with the energy of the store.  Reached out to Aroma Joe's showing interest in running a store.  Graduated from Plymouth State University with a major in Accounting and 100k in college debt..needed money to open a franchise, got a job at Liberty Mutual.   6 years ago moved to CT, got a job at Traveler's -  loved it - was soon on fast track management.  Covid hit, reached out to Aroma Joe's, from Rochester NH, no aroma in CT,  talked to CEO.  CEO's friend owned a 100 million aviation company and became an investor in the company.  Mark does all the groundwork.  Opening 2nd store in Waterbury in June.  Looking for 3rd location.  Love Aroma Joe's mission statement of positively impacting people.   
How much does it cost to open a franchise? $25,000 plus construction cost. $100,000-200,000 cash
Bristol is Drive-thru only - Open 5 AM - 9 PM
15 Employees in each location 
What is Marks favorite beverage?  Mint patty iced coffee, + rushes are great strawberry amaretto
check out the website:
Where is coffee from?  South American coffee, roasted in Maine 
Also sells J cups + pre-packaged coffee 
Bristol had the highest opening week sales, opening, Waterbury will be the 100th Aroma Joe's only 15 franchises have hit the 100 mark.
Mark feels the benefit to be part of Rotary because of the connection to the community.   It's been a busy year with the new store and growing family - hopes to be more involved in Rotary in the coming year.  
It's Mini-Grant Time
The application, which is a short series of questions for grant seekers, is due by April 15th.  They can be handed to any club member or emailed to the club at or mailed to the club at this address: Bristol Rotary Club, PO Box 1674, Bristol, CT  06011-1674


Whit, thank you to Mark for the inspiring story, and Peter's story, UConn men. good to have a relationship with Rotary
Dave, UConn Huskies, will need an Excedrine later today due to lack of sleep, happy for Mark and Peters's stories 
Lee, huskies, Mark and Peter
Mark, Huskies, and 1-year anniversary 
Dale, Mark, Great job!  Peter inspiring.  Uconn Huskies. Penn State lost its football coach, visited the library in Southington, downloaded the Libby app, read magazines, and fewer magazines around the house
Les, speakers, UConn, pride living in Bristol, St. Paul's production of Oliver Mazerella did a great job, don't pass up any St. Paul production, who's on 2 dollar bill>  Jefferson on one side and portrait of the signing of Declaration of Independence on the flip side
Phylis, Mark, and Peter, not being a product of the environment, happy for Rotary
Patti, Mark, and Peter.  Gabe committed to the University of Maine, an honors college
Ken, Mark, Peter, UConn men
Norm, UConn
Claudette, speakers 
Laura - Thank you to our speakers and go UConn!!!
Dave's ticket was pulled - will pull from the deck of cards next week
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