First Semester for these Schwartz Scholarship Winners

Grayson Borla, Karl J. Schwartz scholarship winner
Grayson is a student at UConn, studying 
Biomedical Engineering.  An out-of-class presentation most impacted him regarding a pressure plate and how it tracks balance, telling what physical activity you did most of your life, knowing he was a runner. He noted dancers had the best balance.  He learned about how they are studying how to make getting a  Mammogram less uncomfortable.  His computer coding class was the most challenging.  Grayson joined the running club.  Pro student tip - figure out a routine, go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time, power naps are good too!   He thanks the Rotary club for the scholarship as it has allowed him to focus on his studies.

Gabriella Bounafede, Karl J. Schwartz scholarship winner
Gabriella is a nursing student at  Boston College.   She learned a lot in the neuro unit but hasn't found a place for extracurriculars, but is joining a 1st-year women's program next semester.  There she will have Jr. And Sr. Mentors. She is involved in going to games. Enjoyed men's hockey games and football games. Loved going into the city, free admission to the museum. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a must to visit.  Had a hard time adjusting as all buildings look the same.  Billion-dollar stairs are a challenge and will get you winded!
Madison Ross, Karl J. Schwartz scholarship winner
Maddie is loving being a student at UConn, , she has adjusted to being away from her parents, the first week she went thru with a paper map, easy to get around once started classes. Currently Undecided about taking general education classes.  one class size, was 350 students. Thinking of marketing,  internship on campus, love fashion, helping at the swap shop on campus; bringing in a piece of clothing and swap, promoting that + working in the shop, 10-14 hrs week, taking part in yoga club + project fashion, love going to basketball games.  Roommate from Burlington, living in Northwest, - thankful for AC on 1st floor.
Adrianna Dell'aera, Karl J. Schwartz Scholarship Winner
Adrianna is taking classes at the Hartford UConn campus.  She has found great resources for 1st generation students.  Many opportunities to get involved. A mentor program in the fall semester will keep her busy.  She looks forward to this leadership for the orientation program.  Also taking advantage of resources at the writing center.  1st semester has been an adjustment balancing commuting to school, work, and school life.  Thanks to Rotary,  tuition is not as hard to pay. Currently working at Wood n tap.  Looking to be a psychology major with hopes to one-day council youth. 

Happy/ sad bucks

Whit. Happy Judi Ann won't be here on the 24, pray the Giants beat the Vikings - will be a challenge, was at BARC- could hardly get a table, but did a great job
Claudette,  happy for our guests, awesome to have a full house
Lee, guests are the best part of our meeting,  Georgia won last night, and showed a Clip in 1st period, 8:20, Frankie Sinkowich, 1941 film
Patti, happy for the speakers, parents are home and doing well
Mary, man buffalo is out of the hospital, UConn teams are back, and accepted a grant for BARC, Advocates at Sr. Center,  had covid at the end of 2022.
Dave buck for each speaker, freshman classes of UConn has been elevated
Mark, survived 1st vacation to FL, the kids did good on the flight, Tampa Bay buck tour, Juliette was on the field, Patriots lost
Les, happy young man out of the hospital. Happy I woke up for a meeting
Judi, good cheer to all students
Norm, happy for all students
John happy to everyone, UConn student championship bowl, happy to meet our next president on 24th


Mark, Ken, Norm and Terry
Full house this morning, here we are standing for the pledge, four way test and words of the day from Napoleon Bonaparte Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily. 
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