Hello to Clayton, Farmers Mkt News and Planning for Mini Golf
Words of the day:

Clayton Laferriere paid us a visit, all the way from Florida, 1,1159 miles away!
Clayton shared stories of how he ended up in Florida, his many health scares (thankfully he has French blood and is strong), and
how he was greatly involved with the Page Park playscape (actually the playground project would not have succeeded without him)
May be an image of 6 people and outdoors
Farmers Market Update.  Norm was once again a pro clicker - 800 clicks!   a smaller crowd due to the heat wave
- Farmer's market brought in around 700 people!  Nice to have Mark from Aroma Joes, Mayor Jeff was there for National Farmers Market week, $650 more in sponsorship this week - on track to make 8k.  Jim will be with us for 3 more weeks - reminder on code - 2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate?  all the volunteers of course!
Help set up at 8:30 wink THIS Saturday
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Please see attached Mini Golf Fun Day Sponsorship Opportunities - Please share with your friends and family

Happy / Sad Bucks laugh
Clayton gave a happy $50 for being here!
Les, Happy about Claytons visit
Charley, Happy about Clayton's visit
Lee, Happy for Clayton's visit,  he really came thru for us - Page park project and once rescued when hoarse was shot, fell into a ravine and Clayton pulled it out.
Claudette. Happy 83rd Birthday to Lee on Friday
Patty, Happy about Clayton's visit,  ACAWM museum is hosting Wine, Women, and Watches on 9/15, taking Gabe to URI 4th college visit
Dave, Happy about Clayton's visit, Happy for Whit at the farmers market, and for Jims to work on the farmer's market
Ov, sisters mother in law just celebrated 100 years 
May be an image of 1 person and indoor
Dale, Happy for Clayton's visit,  farmer's market,  won't be there this weekend, the tattoo was great

John, Happy for Clayton's visit, good stories,  congrats to Mark on becoming a dad, Knights of Columbus is hosting a beer + wine festival on AUgust 26 + 27 for $20
Les, last week Mary would have had a fist full of dollars - went to the races - could have doubled the $ had a good day at the race
Norm, granddaughter did well in softball,  story time: send the car in for service on Wednesday, the problem is a guy backed into the car, car is in surgery, discharged tomorrow afternoon, 
Ken, Clayton was Ken's sponsor, they both have a bovine heart valve,
Jim, happy for Clayton's visit and  $9 for Red Sox beating the Yankees
Judi, crocodile club had 225 people, the park was beautiful
Mark, thank you for the present for Juliette, we love it
Laura, Happy buck - 2nd successful college drop off, happy for Claytons visit and sad buck hubby has gone until September
Upcoming events/meetings
September 2022 - Mini Golf Tournament - more details to come - looking to sponsor - Contact Patti with any questions - 860-878-7172
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