Lee, total logged bicycle hours to help end polio - 300
John, matched Lee at 300 miles, happy to help match books up to Bristol Early Childhood Alliance and Friends of the Bristol Library, happy for Lee being here, and celebrated 33 years of marriage with my bride
Dale, happy the bike trail section between Southington and Plainville will be under construction..near the police station 
Judi Ann, thank you for filling in last week at the Farmers Market, thank you for helping last week Whit,  thank you for not stealing my garden tools last week John, we are Rotary strong
Mary, BARC is holding a Pickleball tournament on Shurb Road, on Sept 30th, on Tuesday find out about the large grant, mtg. with Senator Duff, sad the boat broke happy to spend time on the boat before it broke.  This is a picture of my son diving off the boat
Claudette, GO Rotary 
Tom, Last Saturday, everyone committed and sold 11 ornaments, happy to have finished the video for the September 21st program at the Historical Society 
Les, pocket is stuffed with hundreds, a good day at Saratoga, daughter finished 1st week of school, loves  teaching at the Jewish Academy, happy daughter can put up with brother and father, she is happy with her Suburau, great car
Blasius - 3rd Rotary Meeting attended, happy to submit a membership application, good to see impressive people behind Rotary and all Rotary does!
Whit. Happy for Lee being here, sad for Mary being broke from the upcoming wedding, happy to have Blaise here - last time he will say anything nice, prayer buck, golf tournament, NFL season, Giants, Bills, Browns, we're all gonna get stupid again, happy for Rotary and Farmers mkt... a lot of work,  we are resilient.
Laura, happy for resiliency, happy to have family together this past weekend


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