Guest Speaker from Prudence Crandell 
Our Guest Speaker was Linda Pierce from Prudence Crandell 
They never turn anyone away!  The need for all services rose during covid
List of services:
24 HOUR HELPLINE: 860-225-6357 OR 888-774-2900

Research shows prevention is what works - they get into schools, MS, HS, college
***Prevent abuse & save lives***
1 in 3 women have expressed that they were abused, 1 in 7 men
1 in 3 dating abuse, verbal physical
Help youth see warning signs, teach what healthy relationships are
Currently working at  BBGC, youth services- young issues, wheeler clinic, Bethel community church
1. Awareness- festival- table with info, services- direct to other services, Hope tours 
2. Working with police, 1st responders, how to talk to someone that has been abused
3. Teens, talking to them in school, "Safe dates" 5-15 youth, use curriculum- helps them recognize violence-"what are healthy relationships

 Hope tours are emotional- Dave R could arrange for you to get a tour

*Last year 400 referrals from the police department.
* rare that treatment helps for the abuser

mums - mini golf and more
A BIG thank you to Judi Ann and her amazing husband for picking up the mums (multiple trips), unloading them, and distributing mums!!!  Thank you to all that ordered mums - this was a successful flower sale!
Thank you for participating in the 2021 mini-golf fundraiser.  We had good weather!  Great core of interact student.  A 4-year-old won the hole in 1
Unofficial #s: Adding up the sponsors +  50/50 - we made $5500!!!!! smiley
Wish we had more golfers - the event was advertised in Bristol press, e signs, chamber,  bristol = 25 people golfed

Happy / Sad Bucks
Claudette- leaving for Westport - looking forward to relaxing

Lee - sad couldn't be at mini-golf - was helping at St. Vincent DePaul

Norm- successful Sunday

Mary- happy for progress with marathon fundraiser - already raised $3600....blown golf was amazing,  Patty MORE amazing,  thank you to Angelique for game we played at  last meeting- good competition,  Lizzy back at school,  only hit 3 lights on the way here- made it in 16 min

Dave R.   - Couldn't be at golf, babysitting in Stamford, happy buck for the progress of mum fest, coming together. 1st time it will be in downtown,  cool event, arts and crafts, food vendors, beer tent, kiddie carnival,  masks, socially distant, happy to be alive

Patti - happy for mini-golf and support,  Happy Birthday Gabe - now have a Geeky 16-year-old, warning buck - he's learning to drive, museum wine woman watches on Thursday

Terry- won pot last week

Phylis-  Finally back, after being short-staffed, taking a vacation, and surviving covid
Laura - happy for mum + mini-golf fundraiser - Judi ann and Patti did a great job organizing those events yes

Update on the mum festival - no longer selling walking tacos - now a meet & greet.  
Sign up will be going up soon - 3 h HR Shifts - Saturday, September 25 (11-8) + 2 3HR shifts Sunday, September 26 (12-5)
We encourage you to sign up!
ACTION ITEM - Bring ideas enlightened of ways to attract people to our booth to next week's meeting!
We are also walking in the mum parade - more information to follow
See the source image
heartSpecial Surprise - Gifts were given to those present that had birthdays in between now until the end of the yearheart

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