Back on ZOOM + Visit from 3 Schwartz Scholarship Winners
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After 33 weeks in person...we are back meeting on ZOOM (until further notice)

We welcomed 3 Karl J. Schwartz Scholarship Winners This Morning 

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Graduate of Bristol Eastern High School.  So far incredible experience.  Favorite class so far - History of the Present,  how past is affecting lives now
Took part in work study as a lifeguard
Writing articles for heights group, joined cross-bridge – BU branch
Met core group of friends, classes, eagle bridge –attended football games, hockey games
challenges:  work-life balance.  Coming in as an only child - never sleeping away from the house, got involved with activities – met friends and future roomate
enjoyed connecting with professors, learned T system after a month. Favorite Boston attractions:  Boston commons, Newbury street, picnic among beautiful trees, stress coaching
Joined low-income organization - helped with school supplies, took advantage of  counselor,  enjoyed 48 hours retreat in Cape Cod
Talked about how things are going, reflected – semester changing experience
Declared major – biology/chemistry
Next semester – joining societies, 2nd academic coach
The Rotary has helped – financial securities – amazing help – freedom 

Krista Christmas

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1st semester went well – getting accustomed to a college campus – first and only college visit - felt a good spirit there -  checked off all boxes – small, the importance of community, volunteering

Thanks to Rotary was able to take 7 courses – college 

Big transition from only online classes senior year.

Made a couple friends – a challenge to be more social – put walls down – proud to search for clubs

S&A club - student nursing – connect with others that have the same goals – students that want to be there for you – took part in fundraisers – love their club very much!

Couple victories: a passion for interfaith leadership – take religious courses – became certified as an interfaith leader – value importance of future – there is diversity

Tuition is not cheap – thankful for a scholarship for relieving financial burden – will take summer classes

Another victory – volunteer for salvation army


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Douglas Sato 

Studying Psychology - going for Masters Occupational Therapy

Experiencing new things, found a strong group of friends

Enjoyed walking to farmers market on Sunday mornings

Experienced diverse community of Troy

Part of honors program – seminar style –Best class - Big history – studied from big bang 13.8 billion years ago to today to present day and artificial intellence 

Taking 3 year program – helped taking advance placement classes at BC – health psychology and  human development

Love Russell Sage – was a female college .  Learned about history of the college

Part of extra circulators club run by women league of voters – democracy now,  importance of local elections – ONLY 1/3 of voters turn out

Part of theater institute – produce 3 theatrical productions – fall musical helped with lights,  benefit concert was in ensemble, did sound for play –AND traveled with theater institute to NYC, only 2.5 hours away– saw Company on Broadway

Work study – front desk help on student success floor in the library

learned from coworkers

Biggest victory – made dean's list

Looking forward to studying abroad next year

Thank you to Rotary for financial security – grateful for the opportunity

Planning to start a Rotaract club at Sage

Nice to see everyone faces  smiley

Happy Bucks 

Judi ann - quick plug for Taste of Bristol coupons– 32 restaurant discounts for $5 – redeem in March and April – email Judi Ann to buy one -  support local / support west end –Music Festival Aug. 20th, happy for all students – great job 

Mary – nice to still see each other – even though variant – bonus to see Jim from SC 

John - Happy Alabama was in-game –but  GA won

Judi – impressed John is up after watching the game 

Angelique – happy to see all faces –makes week brighter 

Beth – how do we get happy bucks?  Came into work at the hospital - mentioned to receptionists – aren't we lucky – we have a chance to contribute today – can't believe that we get paid today – life only gets better -  

Lee – so extremely proud of these young people

Doug – worked with electrical circuits – happy to be part of the theatre group  (comment for Douglas) 

April 9. 2022 - Harvest Pack - Tri Club International Service Project /  also District 7890 Day of Service
 area of focus: Food Insecurity
April 29, 2022 - District Conference - South Bridge Hotel, MA 
The room rate is $119.00 per night. The overall cost of the Conference is projected at $200, but TBD. More coming on this also.
  • Looking for a new mini-grant chairperson seeing as the current president cannot participate due to conflict of interest.  

    Rotary Dues due no later than July 1, 2022
    • If you want to donate to the Foundation or Polio Plus we leave it up to the member.

    • Checks made payable to “The Bristol Rotary Club”

    • 3rd option pay in 3rds. (February 2, 2022 @ $55, April 12, 2022 @ $55, and June 28, 2022 @ $65)

    • 2nd option pay half now ($85 by February 2, 2022) and half later ($85 by April 12, 2022.)

    • 1st option pay in full by February 8, 2022 @ $170.00


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