Angelique brought FUN to the meeting!
There were 16 participants at the meeting.  Angelique spiced up the meeting by playing the game 5-second rule.  The room was divided into 2 and we competed left against the right side.  We were pretty equally matched - answering questions from airport names (Terry rocked at that answer) to cloud names (Ken was awesome - who knew we had a "Scot Haney" stand-in in our club?!?  Dave won the tiebreaker against Mary with answers to types of surgery - Mary got snagged up by trying to name her personal surgeries!  The winners got a free "fine" pass such as coming in late or forgetting to wear your pin or answering a call during the meeting.  There was much casual conversation. 
BIG News - Terry picked the Ace of Clubs - the jackpot was not that large - but a win is a win!  Congrats Terry.  
Announcements this week

Thank you to everyone that has turned in mum orders - we have 79 sold thus far - that is a net of over $200.  Contact Judi ann if you have questions or need to order.  Action Item - contact Bob Dupont - he must need some beautiful mums for his place!    Feel free to download and share in your emails and on social media!

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We will have a table at this week's farmers market (10-1)  Along with talking up Rotary we will share info on our 3RD Annual Bristol Rotary Club Golf Tournament:
September 12, 2021  2:00 - 6:00PM
Location: Hidden Valley 
NEW: Opportunity to sponsor letter on our website
Good news - we have $3,500 in sponsorships thus far
Opportunity to help: donate a raffle prize, donate items for goodie bags

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Our club will sell walking tacos at this year's Mum Festival.  BB+K will make the chili for the tacos. 
Sign up will be going up soon - 3 h HR Shifts - Saturday, September 25 (11-8) + 2 3HR shifts Sunday, September 26 (12-5)
We encourage you to sign up!
District 7890 Golf Tournament - September 28, 2021
Location: Twin Hills Country Club

Dave - thankful for good weather for the Bristol Health golf tournament, proud of son for photoshoot in Norman NJ for a product development that had to do with wiping sweat after a workout!

Ken -  Mother in Law turned 100 this year - she is in good health 

Dale - Going to the Goshen Fair this weekend with grandchildren, father went to the hospital this Saturday - rushed to PA only to have him released at 3PM 

Les - Going to Saratoga next weekend - hope to come back with more happy bucks

Patti - school starts this week - sad Shannon had a trip to the ER due to a concussion in soccer, happy she is feeling better

Lee - happy Claudette was able to help her friend who is sick - she is looking after her dog, sad buck for New Orleans

Mary - Late buck, happy Torrington Savings Bank is donating 2,ooo to BARC, marathon training going well - the goal was $2200 now upped goal to $5,000 - just went on the longest run and felt good!

John Skipper - sad for a friend / former boss that passed away from cancer at the age of 62 - the owner of Aiello 

Judi Ann - thankful for the support for the mum event 

Angelique - played mini-golf with Jon - score 42-49 - won with the help of 3 holes in ones


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