HBD to George, Farmers Market recap + Yard Goats for END polio night

Farmers Market Update.  Thank you again Norm  - he clicked in over 930 people!  It was another HOT day. 
Thankful for over $6500 in sponsorships thus far. 
The city will permit for the EMT to be there for safety on these HOT days. 
Jim will pick up more tent weights as we tend to lend them to vendors quite often. 
We are in the process of changing banks - plans for a PayPal account that will allow us to take credit cards.    

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Please see attached Mini Golf Fun Day Sponsorship Opportunities - Please share with your friends and family

Happy / Sad Bucks laugh
John shared a story about his "American Graffiti" moment on Farmington Avenue.  As John looked to see who was in the convertible at the next car turned out it was Beth,  smiling and waving, sad buck for bad plumbing under the sink.
Dave, Happy Birthday to George, will be sure not to be on the road when John is driving
Les, happy Beth is back, sadly missed the game,  screwed up with time
Claudette,  Happy Birthday to George, fostered 14-year-old grandson, the heart feels good
Mary, happy for a great Yard Goats game,  fun, busy scheduling District Governors club meet and greets, the 14-year-old boy is very lucky
George,  proud to be part of the Rotary club
Norm. Happy Birthday to George
Phylis,  it's your day George, sad to miss out on Farmers Market - works each Saturday
Beth, happy to be back. Berkley nationally recognized
Yard Goats game was a blast, nephews sad they did not get fowl ball,
65-year-old brother ran 13 miles, passed out, he's fine recuperating, electrolytes are important
Dale, sad for missing the farmers market and game,  happy for George spent the weekend with mom, she now has a bell alert, going well
Laura, Happy Birthday to George and Yard Goats game was fun - parking was not
Jim, thank you for your time on the scholarship board Beth, Mary Phylis, on thank you to  Lee, Les, and Peter for joining the committee
Ov, H
appy Birthday to George,  happy for Claudette and Lee

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September 2022 - Mini Golf Tournament - more details to come - looking to sponsor - Contact Patti with any questions - 860-878-7172
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