Judi Ann -  eating habits, hot sauce, happy for guests

David R- guest, Blaise, met at Bristol Coral Society, performs at assisted living facilities, thinking of Lee, ladies table, Cape May vacation with daughter wife

Norm, happy to have my nephew here, he is in the 3 girls club, and volunteered to be our speaker

David (Norm's nephew), happy to be here and privileged among wisdom, learn to listen, we start off as hard heads, but the good lord knew could raise boys, lost 1st daughter after one year, this made me refocus on family, and learned what my true legacy would be.  I can't repeat the past, influence him today, retirement with plane, horses,  boat. important to give back to the community.  shared his work at a nuclear facility and more!

Mark,  Armoa Joe's Waterbury - 100th store going well, daughter turned ONE! Busy with 2 X 1 year old parties

Jim - Updates on Farmer's market:  700 people attended  Cafe Real and will sell cups of coffee at the market, give us 30% of the proceeds, thank you, Dale, for the updated bylaws for the scholarship fund, 3.6 million was original endowment, principal we can't touch. 
We should support technical students, had Kyle Crocodile from Lake Compounce, this coming week will have 2 food trucks

Claudette - Lee update, bonemarrow biopsy today, please pray for positive results and outcome!  Today is my birthday!  Celebrating Lee's 45 years of Rotary!  

Tom Dickau, is happy to share gifts, loves to make videos, and is successful if people walk away learning more about Bristol

Les - Seeing old friends

Mary, a new member, and guests, vacation next week. Dad's stone was installed, and the bridal shower was great until I went tumbling downstairs, still ran Saturday

Judi, Buck for Lee, learned how to collaborate departments this weekend, on a boat, thimble Islands

Dale is happy to have hot sauce no matter what. The best-dressed guy here; John, high altitude balloon, launched sat but crashed, story of free wine at a tag sale

John and Tom finally became a member, Blaise, and Dave, Blaise is a knight, good to see him in the day, dollar for bday girl, be happy where you live, a trip to Canada, homes are very expensive 

Tom, happy for everyone in the room

Claudette,  love Rotary, meeting wonderful people

Laura, welcome Tom, prayers for Lee, saw John's sister at a retirement party, sorry missed farmers market taught 50 people sourdough on Saturday

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