Various Updates
Bob shared updates from VT, unbelievable water damage, Okemo, Ludlow, Londonbury + Montpellier experienced tremendous flooding.  Bob received 8.65" of rain in one day.  Businesses are back up + running!
Update from Rotary International - Secretary John H encourages us to join with other service clubs - join in on projects and use #celebratecommunity - our club plans to celebrate the community at an upcoming farmers market - during shred-it day
We discussed plans to have a membership social in mid-October, inviting sponsors, raffle strip potential members and current members and friends.  


Whit, one of our members helped put up our tent (Peter) and was accepted to take ground flight training in Indiana 

Peter, was accepted into flight school, ✈️, and next week starting a master's program through Liberty University,  happy to be back, was on vacation in Miami, and traveled to RI to visit a friend's son who was released from the hospital.  Peter was presented gavel for his presidential year.

Dave, Farmer's market, is fun and hot, and people enjoy attending, 20 days until the Alaska trip, hope we don't encounter a broken glacier broken off, Whit is incomprehensible

Les, happy for Peter

Bob, my daughter got married Saturday,  2nd marriage,  great day, and fun, and I am happy to be here, going to VT later today

John,  Bob coming back, sad Laura could not attend  Savanah bananas, friend had 2 tickets for him

Jim,  thank you for people helping at Farmers Mkt,  750 people this year, revenue is up this year, and the best market in the state, sad summer is ending, this is week 10, coming to a close, and going down south 3 weeks, won't have bread guy this week he is going back to Rome,  won't have Amazing Love farm, so far made 13k this year.

George, great sitting next to Tom Dickau at farmer's market, remember having  Porta-potty  at the market was my idea


Claudette - Lee is good, was going to come but up all night - resting in the day, enjoying riding his bike on the trail.  Cassidy is logging polio-plus hours as well - he is up to 250 miles.

Judi Anne will be gone the next 2 Tuesdays. celebrating 30-year anniversary, the dog ran away at 10 pm last night

John selling raffle tickets for $20 each.  Beer/wine festival 8/25-26


Norm Provided prizes for the 2nd and 3rd ticket winners - congrats Dave and Whit.  Dave wanted the plant to have more flowers like Whits plant :)

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