Bristol, CT
John Kennedy Middle School
South Main St.
Plantsville, CT
United States of America
We will be working in the cafeteria.  This is a combined project with Bristol and Plainville Rotary!
This year we will be packing 15,000 meals.  We will need lots of hands, so please sign up Rotarians!  We have requested that our food go to Ukraine and Dick Dill has confirmed that we can do that again this year.  Bring the Interact Club, friends, and family. 
We are also very fortunate to have the Unico Club of Southington and Southington Lions Club join us, with additional hands and also additional funding for this project.  Here is even more exciting news, we also have monetary donations from a Southington Rotarian and a friend of the Southington Rotary.  These additional donations have helped to bring us to 15,000 meals.   We will email you with a start time that you should arrive and where you will be able to enter the school. 
Looking forward to working with Bristol and Plainville and our continued partnership to fight hunger in the world!