Posted by Laura Watson on Jan 15, 2019
Valerie Toner, supervisor of Bristol Children’s Library

Serving ages 0-18 → adding pre-natal / mothers in their 3rd trimester in April

Program: Bristol Babies are Born Reading

Beginning early

Grows babies brain, sets aside a designated reading time, special time together – 15 minutes of reading per day

Introducing theory to mom:

Kangaroo mom – did not start early enough – reading to Joey in pouch, baby bird more on track – reading to egg

Creates a bond, relates that someone loves me, starts to recognize words and voices, sounds and numbers – so 5 year olds are ready for kindergarten and 9 year olds are reading on their own!

Read out loud as a family – go to the library all year long – welcome pregnant moms to come to the library

Introducing “Belly Books” from cottage door press.  Only 2 books published right now. Created by sisters in Iowa – board books shaped to fit over the belly – very rhythmic – could read and eventually sing the words – very helpful to the child

Baby learns unique voice – tool to help calm baby – a way to include unborn child into the family – helps baby feel warm and comforted – create even tempered children - those endorphins start to work!

April 3rd – 1st mom-to-be story time

Help moms to meet each other – practice reading a loud


Relationships beginning with library in Iowa – they call it a stork club – we would become a premier library offering this service

We now compete with hand held devices – exposes children to very violent material

Open invite to visit children’s library – It is an Intellectual playground with chalk board, dress up area, Puppet Theater

Requesting donation to purchase Belly Books – 100 - @ 55% discount

Planning to host community baby showers – invite new moms- given books to have at home and start their own library

This program will tie in nice with programs already in process like 1,000 books before kindergarten!

Rotary plate on each book

Les suggested the books go out for long term lending.

Side note: $479 in our birthday account – bring this decision to board