Thanks to the generosity of our pizzerias, the Giamatti Little League center, and the many people who donated to the raffle and volunteered at the event, the Bristol Rotary Club Great Pizza Challenge was a huge success!
The voting was spirited, the competition fierce and while all the pizza offered on Sunday was delectable, the voters have spoken:
Best Crust: Chunky Tomato; Finalists: San Gennaro, People's Choice
Best Sauce: Chunky Tomato; Finalists: L.J.'s, People's Choice
Best Meat Pizza: People's Choice; Finalists: San Gennaro, Hometown
Best Pepperoni: People's Choice; Finalists: Corner Pizza, San Gennaro
Best Veggie: People's Choice; Finalists: Hometown, L.J.'s
Best Cheese: Chunky Tomato; Finalists: San Gennaro, People's Choice
Best Specialty: People's Choice; Finalists: LJ.'s and Hometown

Special overall awards given by the club and its President are:
The Rotarian, which goes to Corner Pizza
The President's Prize, which goes to L.J.'s

In the gluten free categories:
Best crust: Hometown
Best sauce: Chunky Tomato
Best overall: People's Choice

Congratulations to all! Bristol has so many wonderful places to enjoy pizza! Thanks to everyone who made this event so fun and tasty. Watch for news about the scholarship that will come from it!